GBWhatsApp Pro V9.0 Antiban Latest Version Download

Download GBWhatsApp Pro V9.0 Antiban version from the below link. Install the Apk and enjoy the numerous cool features that’s this app has to give..

 Download GBWhatsApp Pro V9.0 Antiban for free from the available download link below. GBWhatsApp has become one of the greatest modded WhatsApp versions that are used due to their top quality features. 

GBWhatsApp Pro Mod APk download

Somehow this application is an unofficial version of WhatsApp which I know all of you are aware of. So, GBWhatsApp as all other WhatsApp Mods can’t backup the user data to google drive. In simple terms, the app can’t since with google apps. 

GBWhatsApp has somehow help many of us and still keep on doing so. We have unaltered image quality sent, over 2GB maximum file size, theme customizations and download from the GBWhatsApp library. Of all these good features, GBWhatsApp as other WhatsApp mods is also known to be unsafe because if you don’t keep updating the app, you wont be able to avoid Antiban from the official WhatsApp developers.

gbWhatsapp pro v9.0 latest version download
I believe all of you know of this so lets quickly review some of this GBWhatsApp Pro v9.0 Antiban features

download gbwhatsapp pro v9.0 Antiban latest

GBWhatsApp Pro V9.0 Antiban Features

Below are the available features of GBWhatsApp Pro V9.0 you’ll benefit as you will be using the application.

Antiban: As the name and description says it all, GBWhatsApp Pro has an Antiban feature than protects and avoids its users from being banned from the whatsapp network and database.

Well Organized Layout: A well organized layout with a distinguished tab for Groups which is absent in the official WhatsApp version. This permits users easily navigate groups instead of searching for them.

Ability to text non registered numbers: With GBWhatsApp Pro V9.0, you can now text WhatsApp numbers without registering them in you contacts which is very helpful when we want be remain anonymous on regards to strangers we write on WhatsApp.

Themes: One of the greatest features of this app is the custom themes feature. Users can now add their custom themes for personal use or download themes from the library.

App Lock feature: GBWhatsApp Pro has introduced an app lock feature that will permit its users keep their chats private by setting a screen lock code for accessing chats and GBWhatsApp Pro interface. This permits us to avoid unauthorized access to our chats.

Privacy Options: GBWhatsApp Pro has added the option that keeps our privacy secrets such as to display double ticks, blue ticks display on received messages and hide our online status from any body.

Media Sharing Limit Increased: On the official WhatsApp we have the ability to share just little file sizes but now with GBWhatsApp pro v9.0, we can now share up to 700MB over WhatsApp.

Call Privacy: All users have the ability to block any incoming call entering their WhatsApp because they have full control over their privacy.

Chat Pin Limits Exceeded: Who will not want his or her favorite chats or groups to be pinned at the top of other chats? What if you want to do this on WhatsApp and you are being limited? Hopefully, with GBWhatsApp version 9.0 there is no limit. You can pin up to 1000 chats.

GBWhatsApp has so many other features which you can late back discover by yourself.

GBWhatsApp Pro V9.0 Apk details

Below you will find the details of GBWhatsApp Pro V9.0

Name Description
APK Name GBWhatsApp Pro
APK Version V9.0
APK Size 40MB
Ratings 4.0+
Price Free
Developer AlexMods

Download GBWhatsApp Pro V9.0 Antiban Apk

To download GBWhatsApp Pro V9.0, follow the link below and download the Apk and start using this Apk with its amazing new features.

APK GBWhatsApp Pro V9.0.apk Download

How to Install GBWhatsApp V9.0 Antiban

  • Download the Apk from the download link given above
  • Go to System Settings>>Security>>Unknown Sources and tick that option.
  • Now install the downloaded GBWhatsApp you just downloaded from our site.
  • Launch and enjoy all the amazing features of the APK.
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