FIFA 2021 Mod APK and Obb Offline Game Download

Download the FIFA 2021 Mod APK and Obb files from the link below, follow the below steps to properly install the game and start playing FIFA 2021.

FIFA 2021 Mod Apk and Obb is a game that is fully based offline and comes with latest transfers, kits, skills and many more. 

fifa 2021 mod apk and obb download

FIFA 2021 is one of the leading soccer games that comes with numerous handy features and is played online. But, FIFA 2021 Mod apk and Obb you will find on this post is fully based offline and can be played locally. It is a full offline installer. You can download it from the links below.

FIFA 2021 Mod APK and Obb is a full offline game that will permit you manage and create your own desired team and manage your players by training them and getting the ready to win great championships and tournaments.

fifa 2021 Mod apk and Obb offline game downlaod

EA has introduced tournaments in the FIFA 2021 and this tournament help players win points that will be used to upgrade their team abilities and get started to win season championships. 

Note that the tournament mode is still on development and you will need an additional file to introduce the tournament feature in the game.

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FIFA 2021 APK and Obb Data Offline Description

FIFA 2021 is a game developed by Electronic Arts (EA) that brought football world in the virtual world for soccer fans amusements. FIFA is a game available on gaming platforms equally such as PlayStation, Xbox, Android and many more. With its amazing graphics, FIFA 2021 is one of the Played soccer games on cross platforms. FIFA 2021 comes with upgraded kits, jerseys and player transfers.

FIFA 2021 Mod APK and Obb Features

Below are some of the remarkable features of FIFA 2021 Mod apk and Obb.

  • The main features of this Mod is unlimited coins and money.
  • Controls have been modified. Now you can use control buttons for sprints, pass, switch and shoot, 2nd defensive player call.
  • Updated transfer of players to their respective clubs as in 2021.
  • Quality commentating has been added in FIFA 2021 and a commentary file can be downloaded from audio settings if ever the previous commentary isn’t perfect.
  • New background music added in the game and can be listened when navigating sections in the game.
  • FIFA 2021 comes with a database file found in the Android file of your system storage that synchronises with the Obb folder to provide updated player transfers and kits
  • Effective radar that reads the bit of any position of the ball to provide detailed game playing in point form as in radar.
  • The reaction of the crowed has been updated and the crowd cheer and shout out when a player performs skills or is about to score. The reaction of the crowed is based on the situation of the game play.

FIFA 2021 Mod APK and Obb Details

Below are the details of the FIFA 2021 Mod and Obb Offline Game Download

Name Description
Game name FIFA 2021 Mod Apk and Game
Size 1.17GB
Game Ratinga 5+
Game type Soccer Game
Developer Electronic Arts (EA)

Download FIFA 2021 Mod APK and Obb Full Game

Below is the download section for FIFA 2021 Mod APK and Obb download. You won’t only see the APK and Obb download links but equally you will see the Tournaments file and Commentary files. These files are to be added on your likeness if you want the Tournament and Commentary to be added to the game. But you are highly recommended to download all the files you will find below.

APK FIFA 2021 Mod.apk Download
RAR FIFA 2021 Mod Obb.RAR Download

Zip Tournament Download
Zip Manager Mode Download
Zip FIFA 2021 Commentary Data Download

Use the below application to extract the above game files.

APK ES File Explorer File Manager Download

How to Install FIFA 2021 Mod APK and Obb 

Once you’ve downloaded the above files, you will need to follow the below steps to install the game properly.

  • Download all the above mentioned files using the appropriate download links given above.
  • Download ES File Explorer Manager. Click here to download ES File Explorer Manager or just click on the link given above.
  • Extract all the rar and zip files you downloaded above using ES File Explorer.
  • Copy the Obb folder you’ve extracted into your Android >> Obb folder of your System Storage. ES File Explorer gets all of this done for you.
  • Copy the extracted commentary file in the dat folder found in the directory Android >> data and locate any folder carrying FIFA on it then paste the Commentary Data file in the folder.
  • Do same for the Tournament Database file and paste it in the data folder of FIFA as mentioned in step 5 above. 
  • If you dont see the FIFA data folder in the Android >> data directory, don’t create one, just install the FIFA 2021 APK you’ve downloaded above and launch it. That will create its folder in the Android >> data directory.
  • Now Launch and enjoy your game.

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