BSOD Pool APK V1.7.0 for Android and Other Platforms (iPhone,iPad,Windows,Linux) Download

BSOD Pool for APK Android and Other Platforms


With this app you can monitor wallet balance and status of your mining rig connected to


- Real time wallet balance monitor;

- Overall wallet hashrate as well as individual hashrate per worker;

- Payments for the last 24 hours;

- Notifications in case of disconnect

Questions and suggestions:

We're happy to see you at our pool. We're doing all the best to make your favorite pool and a home for your rigs! There are some basic facts about our pool: No registration is required. We do payouts in the currency you mine, no autoconversion! Payouts are made automatically every 2 hours for all balances above 0.1. Every Sunday we pay out balances above 0.01. For some coins, there is an initial delay before the first payout (confirmation/maturity time), please wait at least 6 hours before asking for support. If you have any questions - feel free to ask at our chats. (Links below under "Contact us"). 

Solo mining is available. If your hash power allows you to find blocks regulary - you can try solo mining! (-p m=solo). We offer individual conditions for miners with significant hashrate. Please contact @Ryuspb, @eu_genicum or @ekze1 via telegram, or use our support system. You can use our monitoring app for Android and iOS.


  • Android
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Windows
  • Linux
  • SaaS


BSOD Pool for APK V1.7.0 Android BSOD Pool for APK V1.7.0 Android BSOD Pool for APK V1.7.0 Android BSOD Pool for APK V1.7.0 Android BSOD Pool for APK V1.7.0 Android


Name Description
APK Name Mod
Version V1.7.0
Size 6.5 MB
Category Tools
Ratings 4.0+
Downloads 1,000+
Developer Jahongir

Download BSOD Pool APK

You can download the BSOD APK for Android and also you can download the version of other Platforms listed above from the links provided below:

How to Install BSOD Pool APK

After you must have downloaded the APK from the above link, you need to follow some steps to install the APK successfully especially when you are still just a noob in these kind of stuffs.

  • Go to System Settings >> Security >> Unknown Sources and Enable this if not yet enabled.
  • Now locate your downloaded Mod APK file from the link provided above and install it.
  • Launch your newly installed premium Mod APK and enjoy the numerous unlocked features!!!