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Published on January 11, 2023
Download Cider APK for Android and start running iOS apps on your Android device.
Name Cider
Package Name cider
Publisher Cider Team
Category Tools
Version 4.1
Size 4.3M
Price Free
Requires Android 4.2.2
MOD Features Free
Link Download Direct

So you want to run the iOS apps on your Android smartphone and decided to go with Cider Apk for Android. The choice is great because the Cider iOS emulator is definitely one of the best and easiest ways to run native iOS apps on Android.

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Introduction about Cider APK

Cider app, also known as Cycada, is a very popular iOS emulator for Android smartphones. This emulator is developed by some students of the CSE department from Columbia University.

They started it as a regular college project, but after seeing immense support, they took it further.

What is Cider

Cider is a free emulator designed to make your Android device look like an Apple device.

The iOS interface is visually different from the Android interface, so if you’re missing the former or would like to try it without having to buy an Apple device, then this utility can help.

As an iOS emulator, Cider changes not only the visual aesthetics but also the apps you can use with your Android device. You can now use some iOS-exclusive apps on your phone or tablet—and there’s no need to pay to make them run on your device. This APK is lightweight, as well, and won’t bog down your Android.

Cider app can effectively run native iOS apps on Android's Linux Kernel on XNU Kernel of Apple. It is why Cider is quite popular among Android users who want to test iOS apps.

However, the only shortcoming from Cider Apk is that it has a bit of a compatibility issue, and it requires you to have a powerful device.

But that is not a big deal as most of you might have a decent smartphone capable of running Cider Apk.

Cider Features

  • Ability to run any iOS app: The first thing that intrigued me about the Cider app is its ability to trick iOS apps into running to Android smartphone’s Linux Kernel similarly as they would run on Apple’s XNU Kernel. It offers a very native experience.
  • High-Quality Graphics: It can produce high-quality graphics without much burden on your smartphone’s graphic processors. It makes the gaming and app-using experience very seamless. However, to offer the best experience, your device needs to have a decent graphic processing unit.
  • No root required: This app doesn’t require you to have a rooted Android smartphone. It works very efficiently with both rooted and non-rooted smartphones.
  • Open Source: If I use a third-party application on my smartphone, I always prefer the app to be open-source. That is because open-source applications allow you to test the code for any nasty stuff. That way, it helps me be double sure that the app doesn’t contain any viruses and is not harmful.
  • Completely Free: It is one of the reasons why Cider Apk is popular among the Android community. It is an open-source project, and therefore, it is entirely free to use. Anybody who owns an Android smartphone can download and install it and start using iOS apps on their smartphone.
  • Compatibility: Although many people face compatibility issues with Cider Apk, if you have a device with Android OS 4.0 or above and your device has at least 3 GB of RAM, you won’t face any issue running the Cider iOS emulator on your smartphone. Some older devices might cause some problems, but those are just exceptions.

Download Cider APK for Android

You can download Cider APK latest version for Android from the links provided below.

Available Versions of Cider

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